fsdsDiabetes can be challenging, especially if you need to find the right food to eat. Some food contains high levels of fats while others contain high sugar levels.

Even others will have high calorie levels, which makes it lethal for the diabetic person. So whats the best diet if you have diabetes? Here is a look at the various categories of food related to diabetes;

Bread, Starch, and Grains


Even when you are diabetic, your body still needs a good supply of carbohydrates, though you will need to be extra choosy. You can consider whole-grain flours, brown rice, whole-grain bread, white potato, baked steak, or baked sweet fries. Products made from corn, like popcorn, and cereals that have whole-grain content and a small amount of sugar. Avoid the white flour, or other processed grains, like the white rice.



Most of the veggies will be rich in fiber, and they will have low amounts of fat and sodium. However, frozen or canned veggies in sauces might have high fat or sodium levels. Consider the fresh veggies that are eaten raw, grilled, roasted, or partially steamed. Unsalted canned or low sodium veggies should also be included. Also, you should consider adding the greens, lettuces, spinach, kale, or arugula. Avoid eating canned vegetables that have high content of sodium, and those cooked with high amounts of cheese, butter, or sauce. Ideally, do not steam the vegetables too much.



Fruits are highly recommended, and you will have a supply of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates. Ideally, go for the fresh fruits, or 100% fresh fruit juice. Fruits canned in fruit juices, or plain frozen fruits can also be a great choice. Do not eat the chewy fruit rolls, or canned fruit that have heavy sugar syrup.dfsds w

Meat and other types of protein


Eat broiled, baked, stewed, or grilled meats. The best supply of protein is chicken, beef, pork, turkey, beans, cheese, tofu, nuts, and eggs. Low-fat cheese can also be a great choice, along with beans, and skinless chicken or turkey breasts. Avoid fried meat, poultry with skin, regular cheese, or meat with high levels of fats, like ribs.

You can also consider low-fat dairy products, but avoid the regular yogurt, or whole milk. Low-level mayonnaise is also a great choice, along with other vegetable oils. Baked potato chips can be taken in small amounts.

So if you wonder whats the best diet if you have diabetes, you now have an idea. It is all about choosing food that is low in fats and sugar.