How to Make Dental Hygiene Fun for Kids

Posted on: May 22, 2018, by :

Getting your kids to love and enjoy dental hygiene remains a challenge for many parents. Some parents wait until it is too late to teach their kids dental health. The babies will grow big and not familiar with visiting a dentist. You should start caring for a child’s dental health immediately they begin drinking milk, bacteria and plaque start finding their way in as early.

Many parents wait until the first teeth are out to implement oral hygiene. This is too late, and the baby might resist and give you a hard time. It is advisable to book your baby’s first appointment with a dentist after the first feed. They might not have teeth by then, but they will get familiar with the dental office, the machine, the sounds, the lights and people in the office.

Instilling habits like brushing their teeth twice a day and the twice a year visit to the dentist makes it easy for kids to enjoy taking care of their oral hygiene. If you missed this boat and your kid’s fights when it comes to brushing their teeth and throws tantrums on your way to the dentist, there is still hope for you. This article will discuss some ideas to make the whole process fun and tolerable for your child.


dentistChildren love rewards for a job well done. I know you are aware that children are more likely to listen, obey and do what they are being told if there is something good after completing the task. Promise a reward if they brush for two minutes, make it through a dental visit or for flossing. Rewards depend on the parent and what the baby loves. Do not, however, reward them with junk, soda or candy.

Play Their Favorite Song

Kids are easily disrupted. They might get bored and distracted for the two minutes you expect them to stand in front of a sink and brush their teeth. Many parents set a timer, but this makes it more unbearable. Choose one of their favorite songs, two minutes long, and it will take your baby through the two minutes brushing time.

Do It Together

mother and kid brushingKids absorb everything around them just like a sponge. Hygiene and oral care are among the behaviors your kids should get from you. They will be attracted to brush and floss if they see you do it every day and invite them to join you. You can decide to brush your teeth as a family, this makes the kids happy and included. You can make family brushing time a bonding time as well.